Future big industries that are yet to take off

If you would be given the chance to catch a glimpse of the future, you would realize that the industrial innovations that you see today are just a small percentage of everything that technology can offer.

To give you an idea of what’s about to unfold in the next ten years or so, here are the future big industries that could introduce humanity to a whole new world of technological feats and life-changing innovations:


3D Printing Technology

Image source: purch.com

From car engineering, construction, product design, to healthcare, 3D printing is expected to disrupt and reshape everything that it touches. Imagine having a portable machine that will enable professionals or even an average person to print three-dimensional objects in multiple types of materials – including live human tissues?


Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Image source: augment.com

The entertainment industry was the first stop for VR and AR technology but in the future, this innovation is expected to dominate other major industries like education, healthcare, sports, marketing, and many more. Although it’s still at its infancy, researchers from Goldman Sachs predicted that by 2025, virtual and augmented reality will bring over $80 billion to the market.



Image source: cryptocurry.com

Perhaps everyone is familiar with Bitcoin, the popular virtual currency that made headlines in 2017. However, did you know that there are other cryptocurrencies that are slowly shaping the future of financial services? Traditional banking systems haven’t caught up yet with technology and this is one of the reasons why security will always be a major issue – and this is where digital currencies come in. Digital currencies offer more secure, transparent, low-cost, and less complex financial transactions. Unfortunately, it has yet to undergo a major trail period before it becomes as reliable as other monetary or investment systems.

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