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Fitness advice for the elderly: Don’t stop moving

As one ages, his or her body will inevitably go through several changes—and often on the less delightful side of the spectrum. Such changes can occur no matter the circumstance, and they can get really incommodious as one nears his or her golden years. Apparently (and naturally), the elderly face more health problems than the younger ones. That’s why it is ideal (and often necessary) to keep track of one’s fitness throughout his or her life.


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For starters, everyone should watch out for chronic back pain. According to a study from the University of Sydney, senior citizens with back pain are 13 percent more likely to die due to any cause. This is alarming because most individuals think of back pain as a not-so-dangerous condition.  The researchers also stated that the intake of painkillers are not an effective means of treating the condition.  In many cases, such drugs can only lead to a few more conditions. Scientists are urging everyone to keep on moving and partake in a healthy lifestyle—one which involves a vegetable-rich diet and frequent exercise.


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A person’s joints and muscle power will eventually deteriorate come retirement age. Many physical activities one might have enjoyed 10 or 20 years ago many no longer be possible today.  For older people who have bad athletic habits, there is risk of unnecessary injury.  Their regimens need to be tailored according to their condition, needs, and goals.  Co-morbidities need to be considered as well. For example, in people who have arthritis, walking could be a viable exercise. Combined with proper diet, chances of age-related diseases are sure to diminish.


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An aging population is detrimental to any country’s economy. A healthy and able-bodied population is apparently what should constitute the workforce. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help people stay productive even through retirement. In fact, some of the world’s wealthiest individuals have remained active in the business and investment world up to their 70s or 80s… and these are people who place high priority on their health.

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