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The three countries with the healthiest people

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Nobody can predict how long we’ll live but in this world of modern technology, there are various factors and ways to prolong man’s life. In some countries, the average life expectancy has been increasing over the past few decades. You might be wondering how these nations live longer than others. Economically speaking, a healthy population is essential to productivity. The healthier the people, ideally, the more they can produce goods or services. Below is a list of the countries considered to be the healthiest in the world:


  1. Monaco

This small principality in the Mediterranean is the second smallest nation but one of the wealthiest in the world. In this country, there’s no such thing as income tax, however, most of the residents are millionaires and billionaires. For decades, Monaco is known for its Monte-Carlo casino, Monaco Grand Prix, and yacht-lined harbors which became the country’s main sources of income.

Aside from being rich, the inhabitants of Monaco are also very healthy. One of the reasons is the healthy Mediterranean diet, which includes lots of veggies and seafood, especially fish which is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Furthermore, Monaco has state-funded health care system that provides excellent-quality health care services to all its people. The average life expectancy in the city-state is almost 90 years old.


  1. Japan

Most travelers consider Japan as one of the best places to live in. Apart from possessing impressive natural scenery and electrifying urban landscapes, the country also offers unique cultural traditions such as tea ceremony, social conventions, as well as martial arts, among others. They are undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced nations on earth.

Japan ranks second worldwide on life expectancy, with its citizens capable of reaching the age of 87, according to World Health Statistics. Japanese diet is most likely their number one secret to such longevity. This eating pattern is based on consuming foods with less calories but has high amount of antioxidants (such as fish, seaweeds, and vegetables). In addition, all the residents of Japan are covered by a mandatory health care system, in which 70 percent of the hospital costs is paid by the government.


  1. Macau

It is widely known as the “Las Vegas of Asia,” which is now the 4th wealthiest territory and the biggest gambling enclave in the world. A tiny SAR (special administrative region) of China, it is the most densely populated place on the planet. It primarily earns from its vibrant casino industry, bagging large revenues that are being used by the government to provide free high-quality public services such as health care. Recently, the World Health Statistics has put Macau’s average life expectancy at 84 years. Healthy (and sumptuous) Macanese food and active lifestyle also contribute to such long life span.


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